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Blog Section

Welcome to Grogs Loft Blog section, where all the members of Grogs Loft will leave short messages for you all to read. So be sure you check it every time you visit.

Robert - SPARE BIRDS 29/6/2009
Hi Mark, the only spare hen that I have is a silver or dun checker, I am not sure what colour she really is but she has great shape and stance. Great job with the trophies and I hope that the Tshirts work out ok. I am also looking forward to catching up with everyone at the National, it should be one of the biggest shortie displays for some years. I will give you a call in the next couple of days.
Mark - trophies 1/1/2008
hi rob i have the trophies now the t shirts are a problem at the moment still trying rob would you have a black self hen mly or creambar hen could you let me know looking forward to seeing everyone
Robert - Catch up 22/4/2009
Hi Mark, sorry it has taken so long to reply, work has been so hectic. I'm working from home now and have had a lot of setting up and organizing to do.James has also been very busy, but he has finely entered you intro and the loft pics.
Yes the loft is full of feathers,I hope to get around to giving it a good clean out in the next couple of weeks.Not long to the show season,the southern young bird pageant is sometime next month,then,the combined classic is in June,National in July.
These are the only shows I'll be entering this year.
I think Colin Seymour is Judging at the young bird pageant.
How was your season? Did you breed any good ones?
I plan to enter about twenty birds in the National and I will probably bring over about that many to sell as well, there are quite a few good ones, I have put a yellow cock bird aside for you to look at, I only bred one good almond baldy this year and a fella come up a few weeks ago to buy some beards off me and when he seen the andalusions and blacks he took a couple of pairs and also grabbed the almond baldy , I will put one aside for you next season if you still want one. As to the T-shirts this is a great idea, I look forward to seeing one.
Mark - catch up 19/3/2009
Hi Rob, I did as you asked. a little story about myself. Don't know what happened to it. Lost it somehow. When I have time I'll do another one. Do you have lots of feathers like me? I'm looking into having a tee shirt printed up similar to the heading you have on your web page. Do you have any suggestions?
Robert - 2008 Young Birds 16/2/2009
Hi Mark, good to here from you, we have been very lucky as the fires were about 25mins away from us, friends & family in some areas were evacuated but nothing lost.

I have entered a few more birds into the gallery, mainly young birds. Breeding season has been ok, haven't bred as many as usual but the quality has been good.

Could you in your own time email me an introduction of you and your birds so I can post it on the webpage.
Mark - Rob 15/2/2009
Hi,Gino good to see your photo on the web site. How was everyones breeding season. I did not have a good season with my s.f. Tonight I counted up my birds for the show. I should have 40 s.f. to show. Hope we have good numbers for the National. The Vic fires have been Horrific. Hope you are all well and have not suffered any losses of family and friends Fellow fanciers must have lost birds. If you are looking for accomodation in July the Adelaide Caravan park is only 2mins from the C.B.D. You can look them up on the internet.
Mark - Rob 15/2/2009
Hi Rob good to see the web site going well.
Robert - NEW HOME PAGE 8/2/2009
Hi fella's James has altered the website, if some of you would like to email me a small article on you and your short face tumblers similar to what I have done for myself which we can add to the homepage, especially you Colin as you have won the Master breeder award for short face tumblers... Also that you have a long history with this breed. Could you also send me a pic of you & your birds to add as well.

Robert - Almond Breeding & Genetics 11/9/2008
Hello Everyone,

My son has scanned a few articles on almond breeding and genetics.
You can view them by clicking on their links, all the articles are on the bottom of my home page.
As they are scanned images and not text, they will take a bit longer to load, but they are worth having a look at.


Rob Grogan.
Mark - Royal Show 11/9/2008
Rob there was about 16 normal SF and about 20 marked, I won champion SF,
champion bold head and beard. There were three exhibitors. I had lots of compliments on our display.
Robert - National Judge 9/9/2008
Hi Mark, thanks for talking to Dean,that's great that he has accepted to judge. We have to
make sure when they send the judge nomination forms out that we fill them in and send them back.
Good to hear you done well at the Royal,were there many shorties entered and what bird won ?

Regards Rob.
Mark - National 7/9/2008
HI Rob, I asked Dean Pittman if he would judge the Shorty's at the national next year and he said,"YES." He was also pleased to hear that an English Short Face Tumbler club has been formed. I did well at the Royal.
Robert - Grogs Loft Admin Section 5/9/2008
Hi All,
James has been modifying the blog section and the birds section of your admin accounts.
From now on only 15 Birds will load on the Admin Birds page simply use the next and previous button to scroll through pages of birds.
If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to email me.

Kind Regards.

Rob Grogan
Robert - Information 2/9/2008
Hi Mark,
Good to see you have added some more birds into the gallery, thankyou for your trophie donation hopefully we will get more marked birds at the next national, Mark Tung should have some good beards to enter as well, my season has started off reasonably slow but I have one good deroy cock bird that I am very happy with.

James has entered an article on almond breeding by Dr Axle Sel I have also some articles which where written by Colin Seymour in previous years which we will put up over the next few days.

Catch up again soon. Rob
Mark - short face tumbler club 31/8/2008
hi rob, and everyone else.

hows the breeding going, mine is going okay.

Janet and i wish to donate two trophies at the next national for the short face tumbler club. one for best short face and the other best marked.

hopefully it will help you get things started.

perhaps we can get something in the national newsletter.

Robert - National Results 12/8/2008
Best Bird Yellow Agate Hen 03 Rob Grogan
Best Opposite sex Red Agate Cock 06 Rob Grogan
Best Young Yellow Agate Hen
Mark & Janet Moores

Judge Dave Spencley
6 Exhibitors
73 Exhibits
Winners Pic’s can be seen in the galleries

Well done Mark, good to see that you have put some pic’s in your gallery, Nick has also started entering birds to his gallery hopefully we will see a lot more pic’s go up over the next few weeks.
Robert - NATIONAL ESFT CLUB 14/7/2008
I was contacted by Colin Seymour recently about starting a National ESFT club, anyone who maybe interested we will be having a meeting at the National show in Ipswich, for those who are interested but are not attending the National show please email me your thoughts and I will keep you updated.
Robert - Reduced birds for sale. 10/7/2008
Hi everyone, I have put a few reduced birds on the for sale page. If interested please email me at


Rob Grogan
Robert - Grogs Loft over 50 Birds. 11/6/2008
Hello everyone,
my son james has been working hard to remove a lot of the bugs from my site. And finally it is finished, however you may notice some small changes over the next few weeks.

There are now more than 50 english short face tumblers in my gallery,
Bigger news, the breeding history is now working nicely, to use it simply go to my gallery page and click on one of the birds to enlarge the photo, it will then show a picture of both the birds mother and father, if they have been entered into the site.


Rob Grogan
Robert - Site still has bugs!!! 4/6/2008
Hi everyone, well grogs loft is almost fully completed. My son James is still working out a few bugs, and then it will be fully functional. I will be adding around 25 new birds to the gallery in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out.


Rob Grogan
Robert - Gallery And Breeding History!!! 11/5/2008
The gallery page is now fully functional, you can now search for birds and load up their breeding history by clicking on their image. Go have a browse and feel free to email me(see contact page) if you have any questions. Kind Regards, Rob Grogan.
Jimmy - Grogs Loft 2008 - New and Improved 20/3/2008
Welcome to the new improved version of Grogs Here you will be able to view all of Robs latest birds in the Gallery Page along with the breeding history of most of these birds by going to Breeding History Page, I hope you all like the new site, and please send me an email if you have any questions. Regards. Jimmy Grogan